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V is for VIP

Specifically, the VIP wheelie bin store where meetings are held every Monday night, attended by the Stealthy Six: Felix, Tom, Missy, Cinnamon, Bamboo and Tiger. In The Postal Code Cats, Olivia Templeton’s story in… Continue reading

U is for Ugbor

Standing on tiptoes, her arms and jaw resting on the frame, Elizabeth Ikhide looked out of the living room window of her parents’ apartment. It was a warm and tranquil Nigerian Wednesday morning… Continue reading

T is for Tricks

It was sunny for the first time in weeks. He enjoyed the warmth on his face, felt his shoulders relax and his arms swing and realised that for the first time in ages,… Continue reading

H is for Home

An elderly couple got up and left and the waitress took her time clearing and cleaning their table, taking more journeys to and from the kitchen than was necessary in an attempt to… Continue reading

A is for Al

That’s Al Stewart, by the way, who recorded The Year Of The Cat in the year of the cat, though it didn’t actually reach the shops until the year of the dragon. If… Continue reading

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