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Flash Fiction: Gulliver in Drobspocklin

This week’s prompt in Matt’s Flash Fiction Foray was Skin by Rag’n’Bone Man. Upon entering Drobspocklin, I made the acquaintance of a certain Lubnitt, with whom I conversed agreeably, before suggesting we pursue… Continue reading

Villains, Democracy and Reality

I suppose you could create a fictional character who was xenophobic, misogynistic, grotesque and despicable. And for good measure, you could give him a ridiculous hairpiece and have him run for President. But… Continue reading

G is for Ghost Writer

  Number 7 in The A to Z of the Writer’s Affliction, part of the A to Z blogging challenge. I was recently contacted by one of my readers, Algernon Worth, who not… Continue reading

A is for Agent

To kick off my series, the A to Z of the Writer’s Affliction, I’m very pleased to start with the letter A. It could have been Author, Anxiety or Amazon, but no, I’ve… Continue reading

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