Q is for Quantum physics

Where are Billy and Jessie? Are they alive and well, doing their bit to rid the world of rodents, or did the Mulligans poison them? There are many things in life that we… Continue reading

P is for Paul

Well, yesterday was a mix of outside and inside, but this one’s very much inside. In fact it stays on the sofa all the time, where Paul is in the company of two… Continue reading

O is for Outside

Your outside is in and your inside is out, according to The Beatles. Personally, I find that confusing, but they were incredibly successful so they must have known what they were talking about.… Continue reading

N is for Nile

In the beginning there was no light. There was it. Enshrouded in almost total darkness; save for the effervescent glow that emanated from it and gave it a shadowy form that was all… Continue reading

M is for Mirror

The mirrors at Sam and Sam’s are too high. There’s one in the hall which might do the trick but I have to taking a running jump and hurl myself at it in… Continue reading

L is for Lawrence

Things go missing. I’ve noticed that. When Sam does DIY, things go missing quite a lot. Rawlplugs, screwdrivers, wiring. Then he fumes and comes out with all sorts of words that have no… Continue reading

K is for Kyoto

You may have gathered that every so often, I’m partial to a bit of philosophy. What could be nicer, on a dreary afternoon, than a nice thick smoothie of Schopenhauer or Kant? Except… Continue reading

J is for Jimmy

He caught up with me by the swings, long legs taking him across the distance in half the time mine did. But instead of teasing me further, he let me sit down and… Continue reading

I is for Imagination

Which a writer like Sue Ranscht has oodles of. Not just her – Harlan too. In Cat Artist Catharsis, Sue’s story in Cat Tales, the anthology drawn from last year’s Book a Break… Continue reading

H is for Home

An elderly couple got up and left and the waitress took her time clearing and cleaning their table, taking more journeys to and from the kitchen than was necessary in an attempt to… Continue reading

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