Fancy a story?

Many days since I posted – my apologies! The reason is, I’ve been busy with Various Things, so without further ado, a list, in no particular order: the new website: getting my mind… Continue reading

A Dusty Disaster

With Don and Kim, the playground bullies, engaged in a mighty pissing contest, it may come as a surprise to learn of a recent major catastrophe which received shockingly little attention in the… Continue reading

Fair’s Fair

The WATWB focuses on good news. So I thought, what could be better news than a bar of chocolate? The real stuff, I mean, not the muck we get from Hershey’s or Cadbury.… Continue reading

Plant Porn

Being in Sweden now, I’m not getting much blogging done because there are Things To See. One of them, especially if you take an interest in plants, is the house of Carl Linnaeus… Continue reading

Dan Alatorre’s WORD WEAVER Writing Contest for July 2017 – let the games begin!

A lot of cool prizes on offer here. To your pens! Or keyboards. Dan is a tireless, dynamic supporter of other writers, so this is definitely a good contest to enter.

One simple solution

I’ve just been writing an essay about serial killers. So it comes as some relief to write a post for this month’s We Are the World Blogfest, if only to remind myself that… Continue reading

Mystery and suspense giveaway

I’m taking part for the first time in a promotion deal. 20 free mystery and suspense ebooks. Among them, One Green Bottle of course, but since you already know that backwards, check out… Continue reading

A writer’s fruit

When we bought our house many years ago, a couple of friends came round to visit. Although the husband conceded that it had potential, his remarks were largely disparaging, especially about my DIY… Continue reading


I’m thinking of moving, probably in August, to somewhere better suited to my needs. A place that’s more functional, where I can add bits and pieces as I want. Where I am now… Continue reading

The Richmond Circle

On a cold, blustery evening back in December, I was in the Vestry Hall, Richmond, London, helping a sweet old lady set out chairs. Every so often she stopped to wonder, ‘Where is… Continue reading

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