Flash fiction: Loving to Bits


The prompt this week for Matt’s Flash Fiction Foray was Young and Menace by Fall Out Boy.

‘No willpower,’ said Sharon. ‘Show him a box of chocs and he’ll scoff the lot.’

‘Same with Richard,’ said Milly. ‘Never could resist. Phew! This is hard work!’

‘Yeah, well, at our age…’ She stood up, stretching. ‘Got a fag?’

Milly gave her the packet. ‘It’s not his fault though. He’s really sorry.’

‘Oh, Adrian too. I still love him to bits.’

Milly laughed, pointing to the girl. ‘These bits?’

‘Right! Still, won’t be at it again, will she?’ Sharon picked up the saw and set to work. ‘OK, here comes the head. Got the bin bag?’