Flash Fiction: Trapped


With the A to Z over, it’s back to normal on the blogging front. And what better way to resume than with Matt’s Flash Fiction Foray – 100 words in response to a prompt, which is the title of a song. This week, Everything Works Out In The End, by Kodaline.

We were in Hyde Park when my girlfriend screamed. ‘Help! My ankle’s caught in a bear trap!’

‘What?’ I looked down. ‘Oh, my God!’

She rolled her eyes. ‘Figuratively, dimwit.’

What did she mean? Our relationship? I didn’t ask.

Anyway, it looked nasty. ‘Sorry, this’ll hurt,’ I said. ‘But there’s nothing else for it.’

I’d never done it before and I had no anaesthetic. Luckily, I’d brought my hunting axe. Still, it was quite a mess. Several onlookers fainted.

You’ll be glad to know that everything’s fine now. She hobbles a bit but I’ve made her a lovely prosthetic.