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Originally posted on WHAT THE HELL:
The Disappointed Housewife is approaching! I’ve received a number of fun pieces the last few weeks, and though I’m still keeping the pre-launch submission window open, the…


Originally posted on Ocean Bream:
Always thirsty, Always drinking, Always hungry, Never shrinking. Preta. In the darkness of the night, the stars tear holes in the black canvas shrouding the earth so they…

Story Statistics

I’ve always been something of a numbers nerd. I was once upbraided at school by Mr. McCartney, the maths teacher, for not doing his polynomial equation. In its place, based on a complex… Continue reading

Collecting the prize

At the end of last month, Sherry Morris came to stay with us, together with her partner Phil. I suppose you could say she came to collect her prize as winner of the… Continue reading

The New Book a Break Anthology

Fancy a trip to Pluto? Or a fearful drive along a stretch of country road? Unless you prefer to go to church with a strange woman in green tights, her hair alive with… Continue reading

Short Journeys

Originally posted on Writerly Debz:
I have talked about short stories before and how important they have been to me on this journey to become ‘real writer’… that makes me think of Pinocchio I…

It Makes A Difference

Will this be my last contribution to the WATWB? By the time the next one rolls around, I should have my new website up, looking so much like this one that you’ll wonder… Continue reading

Advance Review Readers Needed for The Box Under The Bed – this is your big chance!

Originally posted on Dan Alatorre:
The Box Under The Bed – a scary anthology with stories from over 20 authors. Order your copy today! Click HERE! The paperback version of The Box Under…

Lovingly, he held

One of my duties used to consist in making up vicious grammar exams. Students would have to translate a sentence like, ‘The prize-winning, short-tempered, recently divorced municipal employee, who was given a standing… Continue reading

The Right Place

My mother, I recall, was reticent. ‘I really don’t think we should let him.’ She felt it her duty to protect me from the terrors inherent to existence. ‘He’ll have nightmares.’ ‘But I… Continue reading

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